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Wortal SDK for Construct


  1. Install the plugin from the Construct Addons page
  2. Add the WortalSDK object type into your project

How to Use

Loading Progress

Wortal SDK requires reporting of the layout loading progress to be compliant with our partner platforms. Add the following to your event sheet:

Loading Progress

Demo Project

You can see the Wortal Demo Project for an example of how to use the SDK.


API Reference

Interstitial ads can be shown at various points in the game such as a level end, restart or a timed interval in games with longer levels.

Rewarded ads can be shown too. These are longer, optional ads that the player can earn a reward for watching. The player must be notified of the ad and give permission to show before it can be shown.

Ads API Example

NOTE: Players should only be rewarded in the adViewed callback.


API Reference

The Analytics API can be used to track game events that can help better understand how players are interacting with the game. This data will be available for viewing in the Wortal dashboard.

Analytics API Example


API Reference

The Context API is used to connect players and allow them to interact in the game session, share their content and send messages to each other.

Context API Example

In-App Purchases

API Reference

The In-App Purchases (IAP) API is used to provide an interface for in-game transactions on the platforms. This process will differ based on what platform the game is being played on, but the API remains the same.

In-App Purchasing API Example


API Reference

The Leaderboard API gives the game access to the platform's leaderboard functionality. This is where you can track player's scores and compare them to other players.

Leaderboard API Example


API Reference

You can find details about the current player via the Player API.

Player API Example


API Reference

Details about the current session can be accessed in the Session API.

Session API Example